High Cashflow Micro-apartment Rooming House

Rooming Houses and

Micro Apartments

For the innovative builder, time-poor investor and low-budget renter, micro-apartments or rooming-houses are the future in our country of chronic housing shortages.

Under existing planning and building regulations, a block previously occupied by a single house can accommodate up to nine micro apartments. These purpose-built apartments are perfect for students, people living alone, retirees, professionals and those who don’t want to commute long distances.

The plan for    financial freedom

Australia’s major capital cities are facing massive change in the way they address ever-increasing populations and the need for more affordable housing. Stone Horizon addresses these needs while it affords savvy investors new opportunities for wealth creation and dependable income.

Addressing the country’s increasing housing shortage, micro-apartments are the way forward. These carefully designed, contemporary interpretations of traditional rooming houses meet modern rental demands and provide streamlined, affordable and comfortable ways to live in our crowded cities.

Rooming Houses with high occupancy

For the investor, cash flow and capital growth

Your investment is optimised on several levels, including your own need for fewer demands on your time and above average rental returns.

Apart from capital growth, you’ll benefit from the constant stream of rental income that results from an average 90%+ occupancy. This can be used to pay off existing borrowings and/or added to your income cash stream. If one renter drops out, another is eagerly waiting to take his or her place.

For the tenant, convenience and affordability

Stone Horizon’s micro-apartments are affordable, purpose-designed and more desirable than poor quality studios, one-bedroom flats or share houses. They’re contemporary and stylish, offering privacy, independence and comfort.

Your tenants will enjoy the feeling of ease and modernity instead of having to make-do or pay high rents.

No wonder there are waiting lists.

Rooming House Kitchen by specialised builder