High cash-flow properties

for normal people.

The plan for    financial freedom

Australia’s major capital cities are facing massive change in the way they address ever-increasing populations and the need for more affordable housing. Stone Horizon addresses these needs while it affords savvy investors new opportunities for wealth creation and dependable income.

Addressing the country’s increasing housing shortage, micro-apartments are the way forward. These carefully designed, contemporary interpretations of traditional rooming houses meet modern rental demands and provide streamlined, affordable and comfortable ways to live in our crowded cities.

Cashflow and Income Grows Over Time

Positive cash flow for forward thinking investors

Stone Horizon is a well-known and respected leader in medium-density developments and is at the forefront of this new direction, building cash-positive properties for forward thinking investors. Our process is founded on more than 10 years’ experience in the residential building industry from concept to completion and ongoing property management.

Micro-apartment facade