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Low Vacancy Risk

Great Tax Efficiency

Rentable Spaces


Investment properties with positive cashflow

Cashflow property investment that works in the long term is hard to find. 

Investing in residential property doesn't need to be a game of losing money now in the hope that property prices will go up at some point in the future.

Stone Horizon has created an innovative approach to investing in property that creates properties with up to 9 rentable spaces (we call them micro-apartments. This properties produce returns that are many times that of traditional residential properties.

Don't be frustrated by traditional

property investments

Low rental yield

Most people scout the internet for months before settling on a property with typical yields of 1-3% (less than inflation)

Low cashflow

Typical negative gearing properties require you to loose money every month. Effectively subsidising tenants living there

Dependent on Tax

When you invest on traditional residential properties you are dependent on tax concessions to offset your loses agains other income

Dependent on price changes

Traditional property investments depend on capital gains which are heavily dependent on the market dynamics and can take many years to occur

Higher serviceability requirement

Most residential property loans require you to demonstrate and maintain you can fund the loan repayments. This limits the number of properties you can have

Requires selling or refinancing

Having access to your profits in traditional properties requires you to sell them (and pay capital gains tax), or go through a tedious re-financing process


Stone Horizon


hassle-free process.

Working with Stone Horizon you will experience a robust end-to-end process that will provide you the certainty of knowing you will achieve the results you expect. Our process has been designed to ensure every aspect of the journey is taken care of and provide you with visibility at every step.

Step 1: Find an exceptional block of land

The first step on our high-cashflow property process is to identify the best block of land available. We conduct a full analysis of the market, including demand and location and select the best block that fits the plan that we developed together. If you already have a block of land in mind, here is were we conduct a full due diligence and feasibility study to confirm it is a good fit for your strategy.

Step 2: Design and build the best property

Once the block of land has been selected, we design and build the best property that can be achieved in the block. This ensures we can maximise your returns and create a property that is a good fit for both the market and your portfolio. During the construction of your project we will give you direct and unlimited access to our exclusive Client Portal so you will always be informed of what's happening on site.

Step 3: Sit back and start receiving rent

As we complete the construction of your project, our on-site team will hand over the property to the property management team, so the property can be prepared for rental. Our team will identify the best residents for your property, put all the relevant contracts in place, collect the rent, and issue you with a personalised report every month ahead of the electronic transfer of your funds directly to your bank account every month

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The Demand is Greater than Ever Before

  • Micro-apartment are more popular than ever and many properties have a waiting list.

  • Micro- apartments are an ideal option for professionals, students or individuals that have simple housing needs.

The Potential Yields are Higher

  • Investing in Micro-apartments provides a great option to have multiple incomes coming in at once. By building a property that has up to 9 rentable spaces, investors can achieve yields that are significantly higher than the average single-family home


Return Per Annum

The Risks of Vacant Properties are Minimal

Micro-apartments inevitably face short periods where one room is vacant due to a resident moving on. Filling this vacancy shouldn’t take too long. However the impact of vacancy is reduced as other rooms will continue  producing rent.

Potential for capital growth

While investing in Micro-apartments is primarily a cashflow strategy, some properties  still experience significant capital growth. By maintaining control of a property with sizeable land content, you maximise your chances of benefiting from price growth in the area for decades to come..

What people say about

working with Stone Horizon

Investing in a Stone Horizon property is allowing me to regain my freedom. I am even organising a trip around Australia in a brand new motorhome


Janine S.

Sydney, NSW

I have looked at dozens of possible investment strategies and nothing compares to Stone Horizon. My investment will put money in my pocket every year for the rest of my life

Shawn C.

Sydney, NSW

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